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"RAYUDU" is a title of Central Andhra Kammas for centuries. Cinemas like Peda Rayudu, China Rayudu etc. and names like Alluri Sarva Rayudu (Jagirdar Family), Balusu Sarva Rayudu,(Jagirdar Family), Mullapudi Venkata Rayudu (Jagirdar Family), Yarlagadda Guruva Rayudu (Samastanadeesulu), Survaraya Sugars, Survaraya Textiles etc. illustrate Rayudus name usage by Kammas. Rayudu name derived from Nayakudu (Army commander). Central Andhra consists East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Khammam, Guntur, Prakasam and Nellore Districts. Some people of Central Andhra also use Rao, Chowdary as title. Chowdary is a hindi word & It is used as a title by lower castes as well as upper castes in Northern, Eastern and Western India . In UP burrial ground incharges also use chowdary as title. In some areas Chowdary means very lower caste.

According to one story there were 20 Chowdaries appointed by Maharastra Kings in Krishna and Guntur Districts. But there is no evidence for this claim. You can't find any inscriptional evidence to support this claim. In our view it is a fabricated story to use chowdary title. The 20 Chowadaries are actually Jagirdars of that area at that time.

Some half knowledged Kamma Groups from Tenali and Gudivada promoted this Chowdary title and spread across Andhra Pradesh in 21 st Century. However Chowdhary title is not advisable to Kammas. You can use Raj(not Raju)/Rayudu/Dev/Nayudu instead of Chowdary title. During British Rule some kammas were given "Rao Bahadhur", "Rao Saheb" titles by British then onwards kammas are using the Rao title with their names. Most of the Central Andhra Kammas use Rao Title, so like other castes. In the past most of the kammas used Nayakudu as title for 1500 years.

Population Figures on the basis of Nativity (Actual Place their Forefathers)
(a) East Godavari ---------------> 4,50,000
(b) West Godavari --------------> 5,50,000
(c) Krishna District ------------> 9,00,000
(d) Guntur ------------------------> 10,00,000
(e) Khammam District --------> 5,00,000
(f) Prakasam District ----------> 7,50,000
(g) Nellore District -------------> 3,50,000

Total Estimated Population is about 47,00,000, in and around Central Andhra, as of now. Out of this nearly 10 lacs people migrated from Central Andhra to Hyderabad, USA, Nizamabad, Karnataka, Chattisgad, Chennai, Nagpur, Uttarandra (Visaka, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam Distr. of AP) in 20 th Century.

There are several theories regarding Kammas origin. In our view nearly 50,000 army of CENTRAL ASIA, belong to Central Asian Castes, came to North India between 200 BC and 200 AD and settled in India or a branch of Sakas/Kushans/Kambojas who migrated to India between 200 BC to 200 AD and attracted to Bhuddism, Jainism, Indian Culture and settled here or they may be a group in Andhra Tribe which was described in Puranas. Their original caste/tribe name is unknown. They have no relation with Aryans. These Soldiers/Generals liked indian culture and converted to Budhism and married some North Indian women and settled in Ganga Valley. After some time due to some political reasons they moved to MP and there from they came to Krishna Valley and settled in Kamma Nadu (Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam Districts. of Andhra Pradesh). The Palnadu Kings (Chagi Anugu Raju Family), Kota Kings of Amaravathi told in inscriptions that they came from Jabalpur/MP and their forefathers were ruling in MP before 600 AD. During this period they married some Kapu women (farmers) of Kamma Nadu. That is why they were called as (Kamma) Kapus in some inscriptions. Slowly after some time these Kamma Kapus became Kammas. They worked as Governers, Small Rajas, Feudal lards, Village presidents etc. in Prakasam, Guntur, Krishna and Khammam, West Godavari districts under their own Vishnukundina Dynasty. Slowly they captured power in Kammanadu and other parts of Central Andhra. First kingdom of kammas in Andhra may be Vishnukundinas, Who ruled most of the Central Andhra over 250 years with Vengi, Amaravathi, Vinukonda as Capitals. After some time they left Buddism and Jainism and converted to Hinduism. Kammas are largely "Vaishnavs". You could find very few "Saivas" in Kammas even now. In Hindu puranas written by Brahmins centuries back there was a story written like this...
Once up on a time Wife of a king lost her ear ring (which is called in Telugu 'Kamma') to Enemies. She prayed goddess Lakshmi for help then few worriers come out from a basket (gampa) they went for the hunt of the "ear ring". some of them find that ear ring and killed the Enemies. They were called as Kammas by the king then onwards. Eventhogh it is a tale but it is telling us that kammas are soldiers/worriers by profession, Vaishnavs and Respectable caste for centuries.
Kammas become one of the rulers of Centra Andhra and Established the followings kingdoms during the period 3rd century AD to 20 th century AD..

(1) MADHYA PRADESH KAMMA DYNASTY: It is evident from the inscriptions of Palanati Kings and Kota Kings that there were small kamma kingdoms in Madhya Pradesh. They may be existed for 1oo to 200 years in Madhya Pradesh between 100 AD to 300 AD. Palanati Kings said that they came from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, Kota kings also said that they came from Madhya Pradesh and their forefathers were ruling there. These all incidents are giving scope to assume that there were small kamma kingdoms in Madhya Pradesh. Due to attacks by local Kshatriya kings they may migrated to neighboring Andhra Pradesh.

(2) VISHNUKUNDINA DYNASTY : After coming to Andhra Pradesh Kammas worked as Governors under Satavahana kings and took control over Prakasam, Guntur, Krishna Districts. After getting full control over Kamma Nadu Kammas established indipendent kingdom called as Vishnukundina Dynasty and ruled for 250 years between 370 AD to 630 AD. Later capital was moved to Vengi with that some kammas migrated to West Godavari District with the kings. Vishnukundinas were written as "......Brahmana Kshatriya Tejamukalavaru.........." in inscriptions, that means they are not Brahmins or Kshatriyas. This inscription is available now also for reference. Usage of Telugu Language in their inscriptions also indicate that they are not Kshatriyas or Brahmins. Because at that time all the Brahmin & Kshatriya Kings made their inscriptions in Sanskrit/Brahmi lipi. Local people only claimed kshatriya status like Vishnukundins, Kakatiyas, Velanati Chodas, etc. Verma title is used by many non kshtriya communities like Brahmins, Sudras, etc. You all know that even Brahmin Rulers also used Varma title in Andhra Pradesh. Kota kings, Velanati Chodas, Kondapadamati kings also used Verma title at that time and also clearly declared themselves as Sudras in some inscriptions.

(3) MUSUNURI NAYAKS : Musunuri Nayaks ruled nearly 100 years in Andhra Pradesh between 1300 AD to 1400 AD, from Raja Nayakudu to Sabbhinati Nayakulu between 1300 AD to 1400 AD. At the beginning they ruled small parts near Eluru, later they made Rekapalli (Khammam District) as their capital, later shifted to Warangal & Karimnagar. Musunuri is Surname of Musunuri Nayaks. Some people say that Musunuri is not a surname, but it is not correct, no Ruler earlier called with Place name in inscriptions of Andhra Pradesh. And also at that time they were not ruling Musunuru, they were actually ruling Warangal or Rekapalli. So they should be called as Rekapalli Prolaya Nayakudu or Warangal Prolayanayakudu!.

(4) KORUKONDA DYNASTY: Korukonda kings are close relatives/family members of Musunuri Nayaks. Musunuri Kings made Korukonda kings as governers to Korukonda Kingdom before that they were ruling in Khammam District. East and West Godavari and some parts of Krishna District were ruled by them for 100 years. During this time kammas migrated to East Godavari District.

(5) KOTA DYNASTY : Kota family is one of the ruling clans of kammas. These Kota family first ruled some where in Madhya Pradesh during 200AD to 650 AD. Along with Kammas migration they came to Amaravathi Area of Guntur District and established a small kingdom under Chalukya Kings. They ruled parts of Guntur District as Provincial Governers from 650 AD to 1300 AD under Chalukyas and Kakatiyas. They were supporters of Vengi Chalukyas and Kakatiyas. They fought many wars for Vengi Chalukyas and Kakatiyas. They were written as "Sudras" in inscriptions like other Kamma kings. Kota Betha Raju is the known great ruler of Kata Dynasty.

(6) DIVISEEMA DYNASTY: Diviseema kings ruled the land between Vuyyuru and Bandar in Krishna District and Velanadu for some time between 1100 AD to 1300 AD. Jayapasenani, who was Gajasainyadhakshudu of Kakatiya Kings, born in this family. He wrote a book on Dance. He also invented one dance programme.
(7) PALANATI DYNASTY : They ruled Gurajala and Macherla Provinces in Guntur District between 1100 AD and 1200AD. After that Chagi Gannamanayakudu of this family ruled near Vinukonda for some time.

(8) RAVELLA DYNASTY : They ruled the area between Udayagiri and Podili between 1350 AD and 1650 AD as provincial governers under Vijayanagar Kingdom. They were one of the battle forces of Vijayanagar Army. They fought with Golkonda kings and Velama kings of Telangana onbehalf of Vijayanagar Empire.

(9) YARLAGADDA DYNASTY: They ruled the land between Vuyyuru and Avanigadda from 1600 AD to 1950 AD as Samasthanadeesulu under British.

(10) VASIREDDY DYNASTY: They ruled the land between Jagayyapet and Chirala from 1650 AD to 1850 AD as Samasthanadeesulu under Hyderabad Nawabs and British.

(11) SAYAPANENI DYNASTY: They ruled the land between Podili and Srisailam between 1450 AD to 1850 AD as Samasthanadeesulu under Vijayanagar Kings, British.

(12) KOPPULA DYNASTY : They ruled the land between Pitapuram and Tuni between 1350 AD to 1550 AD.

(13) SURYADEVARA DYNASTY: They ruled the land surrounding Repalle - Rachuru between 1400 AD to 1700 AD.

(14) DASARI DYNASTY : They ruled the land surrounding Purushothapatnam, etc. for 100 years.

(1) Konda kings
(2) Dasari kings
(3) Alamandala kings
(4) Adapa kings
(5) Divi kings
(6) Raavi kings
(7) Balusu kings
(8) Medarametla kings
(9) Konidena Choda kings

Sakhamuri clan, Chirumamilla clan, Kommi clan, Devineni clan, Adusumilli clan, Gogineni clan, Edupuganti clan, Kalluri clan, Kommineni clan, Chitturi clan, Talluri clan, Kurapati clan, Devabaktuni clan, Mullapudi clan, Pendyala clan, Nallamothu clan, Nadendla clan, Atluri clan, Potluri clan, Kotha clan, Kosaraju clan, Paruchuri clan and many others.

Some Historical Heros/Provincial Governors/Kings :
1) Vishnukundina Madhava Verma
2) Kota Betaraju
3) Chagi Aluguraju
4) Musunuri Prolaya Nayakudu
5) Musunuri Kapaya Nayakudu
6) Musunuri Ganapathi Dev
7) Gurajala Muppa Bhupathi
8) Muppidi Nayakudu
9) Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayakudu
10) Dadiganna Senani
11) Jayapa Nayakudu
12) Kota Dodda Beemudu
13) Vasireddy Sadasiva Rayudu
14) Manchikonda Ganapathi Nayakudu
15) Ravella Tippa Nayakudu
16) Ravella Timma Nayakudu
17) Sayapaneni Shayappa Nayakudu
18) Sayapaneni Venkatadri Nayukudu
19) Suryadevara Timma Nayakudu
20) Balusu Sarva Rayudu
21) Yarlagadda Guruva Rayudu
22) Devineni Erra Nayakudu
23) Pochi Nayakudu
24) Pothi Nayakudu
25) Pinnama Nayakudu
26) Kota Rayudu

Note : In Andhra Pradesh Verma title was not limited to Rajus, It was used by many sudra communities and Brahmins from 1 AD to 1400. for example Velanati Chodas, Kota kings, Vishnukundina, Salankayanas, Ananda Gothrikulu etc.

Some people think that Kakatiyas as kammas. But it is to be validated. In our view Kakatiyas belongs to "Nagulu" who were relatives of Pallavas. During Pallavas ruling in Central Andhra these "Naga tribe" people came from Tamil Nadu and ruled some parts in Central Andhra later migrated to Telangana and established Kakatiya kingdom. They belong to ST community. Bastar kings are also Kakatiyas. Kakatiya family descendents are still living in Chattisgarh. They are not claiming kamma origin. But some Kammas worked as Army leaders, Generals, Soldiers, Tax Collectors in Kakatiya Dynasty. After the fall of Kakatiya Dynasty these Army leaders formed a Kamma group under Musunuri Nayaks (Kammas). After the fall of Musunuri Nayaka Dynasty they settled in East Godavari and West Godavari, Khammam, Krishna etc. Districts. Even though Kammas ruled some parts of Central Andhra as Samantha Rajas/Jagirdars/Jamindars most of them worked as Provincial Governers, soldiers, Army Leaders, Village presidents. Some of them took agriculture as their profession and settled in villages as farmers and feudal lards. Raju caste is emerged from Chalukya, Chola, Kamma kings, Reddy kings and some Oriya kings only. We could see caste wise division in Andhra Pradesh during the time Palanati war. That is a concrete evidence for castes existence before 1100 AD. It could not happen in one day or one year, so We suppose that castes were pre-existed before 1000 AD in Andhra Pradesh. During Chalukya kings rule kammas worked under them as Governers, Governes, Soldiers, Nayaks and participated in wars against Rastrakutas and helped them in protecting their kingdom. We think that there is lot of Kamma history that is to be unfold.
Some Important Rulers of Andhra Pradesh :
(a) Satavahanas --> According to some historians they are north indians belongs to some Maharastra caste/Foreign Caste/Brahmins. They ruled some time from Maharastra and some time from Andhra Pradesh. They are not telugu people.
(b) Chalukyas --> Chalukyas came from Karnataka (Near Goa) to Andhra Pradesh and ruled nearly 400 years. After the fall of Chalukya kingdom they ruled small provinces later mixed with Raju caste.
(c) Cholas --> Cholas came from Tamil Nadu ruled 100 years later they mixed with Raju caste. Telugu Chola kings who ruled different parts of Andhra pradesh came from this Chola family. Araveeti family of Vijayanagar also emerged from Chola kings only.
(d) Reddy kings --> Reddys came from Maharastra, they may belong to hindi people/aryans. They ruled andhra for 100 years. They constitute 10% of Telugu population.
(e) Velama kings --> Velamas may come from Bihar to Andhra Pradesh they constitute 3.5% of Telugu population. They ruled Telangana for 125 years.
(d) Yadav kings --> Vijayanagar kings of Hampi, Sri Krishnadevarayulu, etc. are yadavs. They ruled entire south india.
(e) Choda kings --> Choda /Cholas came from Tamil Nadu and ruled 150/200 years and mixed with Raju community. Cholas are very famous kings of Tamil Nadu. They ruled some time here and left to Tamil Nadu. Those who born to Cholas here ruled some parts as provincial governers and merged with Raju community.
Kammas used Verma and Nayakudu as title between 1 AD to 1000 AD. Some Vishnukundinas and Kota kings used verma titles. Eventhough Kota kings, very rarely, used Verma title they were given Sudra Status in Inscriptions in Temples of Guntur Dist. Kammas accepted that Sudra Status becaused they are not Aryans and Kshatriyas but used Verma title to show their power only. After 1000 AD kammas used Nayakudu, Rayudu title (few people), Ayya title till 20th century. You cannot find any Chowdary title before 20th century. In 20th Century kammas started using Chowdary, Rao titles. That is why I think that these Rao and Chowdary titles would not fit to kammas.

Some Kammas migrated to Rayalaseema and Tamil Nadu during Vijayanagar Rule ( between 1300 AD to 1700 AD) and settled as Nayakkars and Kamma Nayudus. These Kamma Nayudus, Kamma Nayakkars worked as Soldiers, Military Commanders in Vijayanagar kingdoms and later established the following kingdoms in Rayalaseema and Tamil Nadu
(a) Madurai Nayaks
(b) Kandi Nayaks
(c) Tadipatri/Gandikota Nayaks
(d) Melkalathuru Nayaks (Old Arcot Dt)
(e) Kurivikulam Nayaks (Tirunelveli Dt)
(f) Ilavarasanandanan Nayaks (Tirunelveli Dt)
(g) Neikarapatti Nayaks (Dindugal Dt)
(h) Arkadu Rajas (Chengalpattu Dt)
(h) Polygars of Ananthapur, Chitoor, Bellary, Koppal, Kolar, Chitradurga Districts.
(i) Polygars/Rajas/Jagirdars of Tamil Nadu
(j) Amaranayakulu in Rayalaseema & Karnataka under Vijayanagar Dynasty (1400 AD - 1700 AD). Amaranayakulu maintain huge military (10000 to 100000) & Nayamkaram (some province) for their military expenses. (Ex: Pemmasani Ramalinga Nayakudu, Peddasani Akkappa Nayakudu, Adeppa Nayakudu, Kama Nayakudu, Kotikam Nagama Nayakudu, Kotikam Vishwanadhanayakudu, Kurasani varu, etc.)

After the fall of Nayak kingdoms Kamma Nayaks setteled in Tamil Nadu, Rayalaseema, Karnataka. Now there were nearly 40 lakhs Kamma Nayudus/Nayakkars in the states of Tamil Nadu (21 lacs - 3% fo TN population), Karnataka (8 lacs) and Rayalaseema (12 lacs). Chandra Babu Naidu, Ex CM AP, Paritala Ravi Ex Minister, Vigo, President MDMK, Katta Subrahmanyam Ex Minister, Karnataka are among famous Kamma Nayudus.

So many castes are claiming Krishnadevaraya ancestary but it is not true. Actually Tulu Vamseekulu are Yadavs by caste and came from Karnataka's Tuluvanadu. Sangama & Saluva Dynasties of Vijayanara Kingdoms clearly said that they belong to Yadav community. Tuluva Dynasty founder Tuluva Narasa Nayakudu was appointed as Care Taker and Army General of Saluva Dynasty when the king was a minor. You can easily understand that how can Yadav Kings can appoint Non Yadav as incharge and care taker at that situation. In fact some Yadavarayalu dynasty ruled Chandragiri for 300 years from 12th century to 14th century before Vijayanagar Empire beginning. They used Rayalu title. This Tuluva Dynasty may belong to this Yadavarayalu family or Tuluva Dynasty of Tuluvanadu, a place in Karnataka. Some people say that Srikrishnadevarayalu mother's surname is "Chagi" and she is believed to be a kamma. Araveti family is Telugu Chola Kshatriya family. When Vijayanagar Yadav kings were unable to control muslim attacks they had given up their kingdom to Araveeti Chola Rajas with a marriage alliance.

Some other castes like Balijas, Mudirajus, Some Tamil castes claim Mudurai Nayaks ancestry. But none of them is looking correct. Their claim is to be verified. Some people are saying that there are some village records (Kaifiats), written on 'Talapatras' by a Village Headman or Karanam, of Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh written in 18/19th century as evidence. But nobody is showing the original copies of that records. How can 18th /19th century Anantapur District village people could know about 16th Century Hero Viwanatha Nayakudu and his caste ?. That may be fake story because so many Kaifiats with fake stories were already found by many archiologists & historians.
The people sorrounding Madurai believe that Madurai Nayaks are Kammas. Most of the kammas neighbouring Madurai tell that Madurai Nayak 's caste as kammas. There is no single inscription that telling about Madurai Nayaks caste in Tamil Nadu. But so many castes claim their ancestry. Actually there is no inscriptions / evidence is available to tell that Kapus have dynasties in Andhra Pradesh earlier, I don't think that they have any dynasties in Tamil Nadu. Books like Rayavachakam which was written during the time (1550AD - 1650AD) of Madurai Nayak kings rule is also giving information that there were Kamma Governors but there was no mention of Kapu governers at that time. So Madurai Kings should be Kammas only. Famous Telugu Research Scholar and Historian Dr. Tirumal Ramachandra, a brahmin by caste, also said that Madurai king Tirumala nayakudu belongs to Kamma caste. Tanjore Nayaks may be Yadavs and Chenji Nayaks may be Boyas. Chitradurgam & Rayadurgam Nayaks were also Boyas according to Andhra Pradesh Jamindaries and Samasthanams book written by Acharya Tumati Donappa. If you study all the marriage alliances of Madurai Kings and their family members from 1530 AD to 1740 you can easily find out their caste by observing to which caste they mostly married their kin.

Eventhough Kammas ruled and enjoyed political power and military power they lost all and most of the kammas now living as middle class people. Poverty and decreasing population is the main problem of kammas now. Kammas population is slowly decreasing due to having one or two children. 90% of Kammas are Very Poor and Middle Class people, only 10% of Kammas are rich. 100 years back they had large land holdings. Due to Land reforms and population their land holdings reduced to 2 acres / 3 acres per head. You can fin hardly few kammas in Government Jobs, Land lords now. Kammas are Socially Farward Caste but Economically Backward Caste in South India. Kammas don't have huge land holdings like Reddys, Kapus, Moduliars, Nairs, Lingayats because they are soldiers by profession. They should be included in EBC list. Unemployment and Underemployment is in rise in Kammas. Communities like Brahmins, Reddys are getting higher salaries and key posts in various sectors/jobs. But you can find very few kammas having higher salaries and in key posts. You can't find kamma job holders in companies owned by Reddy, Kapu, Brahmin and Kapus. But Kamma Industrialists give most of the jobs to Non-kammas, i.e. Reddy, Brahmins, Kapus, etc., castes that is also making kammas backward. After Independence (1950 AD) some Kamma women also spoiled kamma caste name and fame by doing things like Illegal activities, fake 498 A cases, Marrying low caste people, Divorces, Prostitution etc. in want of Money and Jobs. Great Leaders and Women of Kamma Caste sacrificed their lives to protect kamma caste Reputation in Society but now some kammas are doing reverse to that.
Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao (NTR) - Screen legend and former Chief Minister of Andhra pradesh, a great leader born in Central Andhra Kammas. NTR found Telugu Desam Party which is a political party of kammas forever. NTR helped kammas in many ways. He had given a new direction to kammas to live in this modern world. His sudden death is a set back for Kammas. Infact Eenadu Group (owned by Ramoji Rao Cherukuri) published NTR marriage with lakshmi parvathi and family dispute issues in a big way in their Eenadu Paper. That may created differences among NTR and Nara Chandra Babu Naidu and TDP Leaders and NTR Family?. The series of stories published in Eenadu about Lakshmi Parvathi Dominence in TDP may created lot of trouble to NTR. These issues may be a cause for NTR's death!.
Nandamuri Balakrishna: Balaiah is a son of NTR. Now he is coming to politics to uplift poor and to continue NTR Policies. NTR once declared that Balakrishna will be TDP CM candidate after his death. NTR fans wish that Balakrishna should start his own Media (News paper/TV channel) and come to politics.
Legends/Heros born in Kamma Rayudus:
(1) Prof N.G. Ranga (Gogineni Ranganayakulu) - An outstanding Parliamentarian, who rendered remarkably selfless service for the cause of the farmers. Also an educationist and freedom fighter. In his honour and memory Agricultural University of Andhra Pradesh is named after him. Entered Guinness Book of World Records as a Parliamentarian with 50 years of service. Professor of Economics at Pacchayappa college,Madras.
(2) Shobhan Babu : The son of Uppu Suryanarayana Rao. He was popularly called "Andhra Andagadu" and great personalty. The highlight of Shoban Babu's career was the three consecutive Film Fare awards he won between 1974-1976. Babu was only the second actor (after Dilip Kumar) to receive three consecutive Filmfare trophies.
(3) Mullapudi Harichandra Prasad - MD Andhra Sugars, Andhra Petro, etc. Member of Parliament, Helped thousands of Kammas.
(4) Undavalli Arun Kumar : He is MP and Congress Party Leader born in East Godavari in Great Political Family. He has saved lakhs of Kamma Depositors from Margadarsi Financiers (Eenadu Group company) giving timely intimation to RBI, State Govt, Central Govt and People. Infact most of depositors in Margadarsi Financiers are Kammas. They deposited hundreds of Croroes. Infact people and media is telling that Ramoji Rao collected these deposits illegally. We don't know whethere it is correct or not but if Ramoji Rao fails to repay the amount thousands of Kammas loose their livelyhood. Some may even commit suicides. In that way Undavalli saved number of kamma lifes and crores of their money. Kammas are really great full to him.
(5) Ravi Arimilli CTO (Chief Technology Officer IBM) - IBM Fellow and Chief Architect. Largely responsible for development of the Power5, he is one of the most prolific inventors in the world, being awarded 78 patents in 2002 and a further 53 in 2003. He has won IBM's Inventor of the Year award each year since 1998. He is also the youngest IBM fellow. He has 300 patents to his name and is currently listed among the top 10 patent holders alive in the USA.
(6) U. V. Warlu (Uppala Venateswarlu)- Eminent Electroncis man and was one of the founders of ECIL and catalyst for the growth of electronics industry in A.P., One of the team members of first Indian Nuclear reactor at BARC, Bombay. Managing Director for Central Electronics Ltd. Chairman of Electronic Development Corporation (APEDC). Also the CMD fo APEL, MACE and member of several other central government bodies working on electronic component development, solar energy, material sciences.
(7) Narla Tata Rao - Legend in Electrical technology; Chairman of APSEB.
(8) Prof. Kakarla Subba Rao - An outstanding Radiologist of global reputation. Recipient of 'Padma Sri' and one of the Founder members of TANA. Former Director of NIMS, Hyderabad.
(9) Dr Mullapudi Venkata Ratnam - Noted Cardio thoracic Surgeon. Founder of Mullapudi Cardiac Research Center in Hyderabad.
(10) Prof.Myneni Hari Prasada Rao - Padma Vibhushan recipient. Famous nuclear physicist.
(11) Dr Vasireddy Sri Krishna - Vice Chancellor of Andhra University during 1949-1961. Oxford Graduate and a well-known economist who paved the way for the development and vast expansion of the university during his tenure.Former Chairman of UGC
(12) Chalasani Rao - Wall Street Journal has named him the top investment strategist in 1992 and 1994. A guest speaker on numerous television programs including CNBC, CNN-FN and national and international radio programs. Investment Adviser to many Fortune 500 companies
(13) Avula Samaba Siva Rao - Former Chielf Justice, High Court of Andhra Pradesh. President of first Lokayukta. Former Vice Chancellor of Andhra University.
(14) Dr.Anumolu Rama Krishna - President (Operations) and Deputy Managing Director, L&T (Larsen & Toubro) Ltd. Vice-Chairman of Construction Industry Development Council, Govt. of India.
(15) Dr. B.S. Rao - Chaitanya Educational Institutions.
(16) K.V.R. Chowdary - S.R.M.T Industrial conglomerate comprising Road trasport, Motor manufacturing and TATA dealership for South India.
(17) Dr. M.V.V.S. Murthi - Industrialist, Founder of VBC Group and Founder/President of GITAM.
(18) Lokesh Machines Limited - Mullapudi Lokeswara Rao.
(19) Satya Narayana Chowdary Yalamanchili - Sujana Group Of Industries (Padmini fans, Power generation, Heavy Engineering etc).
(20) Venkataswamy Nannapaneni - J. V. R Constructions
(21) Colonel Ranga Rao Narne - Narne Estates
(22) Anjaneyulu Kakkera - Magna Super Markets
(23) Dr. Jayaram Chigurupati - Zenotech Labs
(24) Krishna Prasad Chigurupati - Granules India Limited; Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Formulations Intermediates.
(25) Venkata Rao Muppana - Venkat Rao and Company - Constructions - Vishakapatnam and Goa
(26) Sridhar Kamineni - Oil Country Tubular (OCTL)
(27)Madan Mohan Yalamanchili- M D of Capital IQ India.
(28) Raj Koneru - and one of the Founders of Intelligroup.
(29)Sudheer Koneru - Sum Total Systems
(30)Madhavi Uppalapati - Prithvi Information Solutions
(31)Valluripalli Prabhu kishore - Varun Motors.
(32)Yarlagadda Harish Chandra Prasad - Malaxmi group - Infrastructure/Power generation.
(33) Daggubati Rama Naidu - Film Producer who produced more than 100 films, MP
(34) Rayapati Sambasiva Rao - ZP Chairman and Jai Lakshmi Group chairman, MP
(35) Devineni Rajasekhar - who fought for Kammas freedom, liberty from Anti Social Elements. Freedom fighter of Kammas, Minister
(36) Karanam Balaram - Kammas freedom fighter, MLA
(37) Kodela Siva Prasad - Kammas Freedom Fighter, MLA, Minister
(38) Akkineni Nageswara Rao - Film Actor Dada Sahab Palke Award Winner
(39) Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu - Ex BJP President
USA - Enterprenuers :
(1) Murali Atluru - Diversified Technology Consultants(Privately owned $33 million company) - Environmental Engineering consulting.
(2) Sudhakar and Srikanth Raavi - Sonic Systems(USA).
(3) Srini Madala - Softsol USA Inc.,
(4) Subba Rao Anumolu - ASR International Corp., Technology and systems to protect the United States' airports, waterways, railroads and highways. Homeland Security Department.
(5) Ramesh Kodali - OBT Global, Consulting & Management Firm.
(6) Sachin Tummala - Corpus Inc, IT solutions firm
(7) Chand Akkineni - Softpro Systems,Software solutions,High-end techmology base.
(8) Sri Myneni - Knoah Solutions, offshore outsourcing services (BPO).
(9) Venu Myneni - Radiant Systems Inc , Software Service organization
(10) Srikrishna Devabhaktuni - Tropos Networks, proven market leader in delivering metro-scale Wi-Fi mesh network products and services.
(11) Hari Surapaneni/Roshan Gudapati/Navakrishna Akkineni(now senior VP of BenQ America)/Satya Narayana Prasad Sakhamuri (Sold to Analog Devices for $100 million in Year 2000).
(12) Ashwani Jasti - Camo Technologies., multivariate statistical software space.
(13) Suneil Mandava - Mobile Aspects, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions
(14) Krishna Yarlagadda - Hellosoft: (USA/India)., leading provider of high-performance communications software
(15) Prasad Mandava - Visual Collaboration Technologies, leading edge engineering services and software products for the science, engineering and manufacturing industriesRao Kamineni - Ritenet, IT and Telecommunications services
(16) Viswa Mandalapu - Vision Systems Group, IT solutions to Pharma Industry.Srinivasa R Arikatla - AJEL Technologies, IT services
(17) Jalaiah Unnam- AS&M Inc., research and engineering firm specialized in advanced technologies.Nagesh Challa - Ecrio Inc, Instant communication solutions
(18) Suresh Katta - Saama Technologies, business intelligence solutions
(19) Chowdary Yalamanchili - CNC Investments, Ltd,assets currently valued in excess of $1.5 billion.Sean Yalamanchi - Info Vision Consultants, global software and engineering services
(20) Ramu Yalamanchi - Sona Networks , Inc.Venu Myneni - Radgov, IT solutions
(21) Ravi Tripuraneni - Aviation Technologies International, Aircraft Development.Babu rao Mandava - Indotronix International Corp., IT solutions.
(22) Raj Atluru - Konarka Technologies Inc, power plastic Manufacturing
(23) Sudhakar Kosaraju - The Crescent Group, Healthcare Group.Raj Kosaraju - Maxil Technology Solutions Inc, Innovative Information Technology solutions
(24) Srinivas Kudaravalli - Key Solutions, Inc. IT services firm and Application Service Provider.
(25) Ramesh Cherukuri - Statdata Inc, high quality, low cost medical transcriptionMadhu Kodali - Kodenet Inc, IT firm.
(26) Rao Yarlagadda - KAS Rugs- Floor coverings,Textiles.
(27) Sai Devabhaktuni - Loral Space & Communications- satellite services and satellite manufacturing
(28) Suresh Vallabhaneni - Adagesoft Corporation,IT servicesSuresh Kottapalli - iSpace,BPO Solutions.Manohar Chapalamadugu - Mantra Group Inc
(29) Hari K. Valluru and Kiran Vallurupalli - Redsalsa Technologies, IT services providerVinai Kolli - Team F1 Inc.,leading-edge, high-performance embedded networking and security software components for wired and wireless applications
(30) Babu Mandava - Beceem Communications, semiconductor solutions for the wireless broadband market
(31) Ashok Atluri - Zen Technologies, High-end multimedia weapons simulator for security forces
(32) Raj Vattikuti - CEO of Covansys - Largest Donor in Detroit - Donated USD $ 400 Million to William Beaumont Hospital for research on Breast and Prostate cancers. ($20 Million each year for 20 years).
(33) Raj Kumar Velagapudi - Sold Innova solutions to Nes Technologies of Israel for $25 Million
(34) Gopi Chand Tummala - MD of TeraSoftware Pvt Ltd.
(35) Raj Gollamudi - Venture Capitalist.
(36) Ram Yalamanchili - TANA Regional Vice President, Founder of Discover Travel
(37) Rao Cherukuri - Capricorn Pharma, Maryland.
(38) Kamal Gogineni - Techquest International, leading provider of global infrastructure management solutions
(39) Srini Anumolu - TRUST REALTY, Real Estate in Virginia.
(40) Sarath Boyapati - Alphasoft Services, CADUBAI
(1) Koneru Rajendra Prasad - Trimex Group (Dubai/India); The Middle East & Indian Subcontinent's largest industrial raw mineral conglomerate.
Sources :
(1) Hundreds of Books (including encyclopedias) written by various others
(2) Some Web sites, Blogs, etc.
(3) Guntur, Prakasam, Krishna inscriptions copies
(4) Views expressed by Telugu people in Tamil Nadu